Our ongoing Hosting Support offerings are for both new and existing customers.

Hosting support comes in two flavours, depending on the level required – Essential and Performance.


Our Essential offering ensures two key aspects of your platform are covered – Security and Uptime.

On the security side, we continually ensure your servers are updated with the latest security patches, and we run regular PCI-compliant scans to highlight any weaknesses, which can then be remedied. We work with you to schedule maintenance at a time convenient for you and your customers.

Uptime is ensured by proactive monitoring of your site 24/7 and taking immediate action if your site is not functioning.

Essential includes five hours per month of 24/7 emergency or scheduled work as standard.


In addition to the security and uptime features of Essential, Performance offers a more thorough assessment of your site deployment, designed to increase speed and performance over time. This can have the dual effect of increasing conversions while decreasing hardware/virtualisation expenditure. We look into the following key areas:

  • Web server and Database server platforms and architecture
  • Front- and Back-end caching
  • Optimal delivery and client-side caching
  • JS and CSS efficiency

Performance includes 10 hours per month of 24/7 emergency or scheduled work as standard.