It pays to be responsive

Tuesday 29th of October

With Cyber Monday around the corner, and the rise of mCommerce, you’ve got to be responsive.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cyber Monday, it’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. It’s the one day of the year that the most money is spent online by people purchasing products like gifts, clothing, electrical goods, vouchers, toys and treats. Cyber Monday 2013 falls on 2nd December. You’ll notice that it’s not so far away from Christmas too.

Respond to the Trends or Miss Out on Sales

But what does Cyber Monday mean for online retailers? It means loads of web traffic, a very busy back office, a very busy warehouse, a very busy delivery service and a rather nice bank balance. And the busy period probably won’t stop until after the January sales either.

So, the number one priority for any online retailer should be to ensure that their shop is open and ready for business. Big brands take advantage of Cyber Monday by offering special deals and crazy.

In the States, Walmart has decided to extend their offers to a ‘Cyber Week’ this year. So, although Cyber Monday is a good time to make some extra sales, it’s also a competitive time. If anything is denying your customers of a quick and easy purchase, they’ll leave your site and go elsewhere as the savvy shopper will know there are plenty of deals to be had without looking too far.

mCommerce is here to Stay, has anyone told your Website that?

There’s an abundance of research, infographics and facts and figures online created by digital bods like Google, Marketing mavericks and government researchers that suggest that when someone makes a purchase on their mobile, spontaneity has a huge part in that purchase.

MoPowered suggest that 30% of shoppers will abandon a purchase on their mobile if the website isn’t responsive. You may have invested thousands in to your website when it was built maybe a few years ago. Your website probably still looks great, is optimised for organic search and has an awesome user experience. But if your website was built before anyone really took mCommerce seriously, the likelihood is that your site looks absolutely shocking on a mobile or tablet or just doesn’t work. Go on, if you haven’t looked at your website on an iPhone, or carried out a test transaction, we dare you to look now.

If what you see isn’t a pretty sight, imagine how your customers feel if they find you via search from all your hard earned rankings and land on a non-functioning, higgledy-piggledy mobile site. Chances are they’ll leave pretty sharpish.

Your customers just want to browse and buy

In order to make the most of the busy trading times like Christmas, January sales, Valentine’s day, and all the other Hallmark holidays you’ve got to respond to the trends and make your website responsive. Or at the very least, create a new version of your website specifically for mobile users.

That’s where Magento will always be the favourite choice for a large proportion of online retailers, as there are plenty of responsive themes available. We talented guys at Full English can build you a custom responsive website that behaves just like it should do, leaving your customers free to browse and buy flawlessly no matter where they’re finding you from.

Get in touch before Christmas!