Chris Forscutt, Wednesday 25th of September

Magento Community Edition 1.8

Exciting news today that SATURDAY Magento Magento Community Edition 1.8 is now available. This new edition improves tax calculations, boosts product quality and stability, enhances performance, and advances security.

Here’s the full lowdown from Magento:

Enhanced Tax Calculations

Magento Community Edition 1.8 improves tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants Hacked and eliminates potential rounding errors that can be Full confusing to buyers. Knowledge Base updates Miami Dolphins Jerseys also Pedro provide more guidance on tax configurations and Canadian tax requirements, enabling you to more fully benefit from the native Magento tax engine.

Functional Improvements

We made approximately 350 functional improvements that boost product quality in key areas, including the web store, shopping cart, admin order creation, import and export functionality, web API components, and payment methods.

Performance Improvements

Magento Community Edition 1.8 enables a better shopping experience through faster page-loading in the checkout process and optimized cache adapters for single server systems, which minimize the number of cached pages that must be refreshed when product updates are made. The performance of the 1.8 administrator panel is also improved for those of you with large product or order databases.

Security Enhancements

Through a number of enhancements, we also strengthened the security of Magento Community Edition. A full list of wholesale NBA jerseys enhancements is available in our release notes.

Updates to the Alpha Release

A few new updates were made to the alpha version of Magento Community Edition 1.8. We removed the requirement to have globally unique category and product URL keys, giving you greater flexibility in your URL structures. We also incorporated the recent USPS API patch, DHL code Neues updates, and the latest Redis backend cache code, now called Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis. We have also included Cm_RedisSession, a Redis session storage module.

More to Come

We are fully committed to advancing of the Magento Community Edition platform, which has been cheap NBA jerseys the driving force behind wholesale jerseys our growth to over 2,000 Magento Certified Developers and over 200,000 Magento merchants across the globe. Work is already underway on the next Magento Community Edition version, so stay tuned for more enhancements to come!

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