24×7 hosting support
24x7 hosting support
24x7 hosting support

24×7 hosting support

One of the best things about running an online store is that you are able to sell to customers anywhere, day or night. But to ensure that your store is always open for business even when you are sleeping, you need to select the right type of hosting package.

It’s crucial that your hosting has an outstanding track record in uptime and provides excellent support so any issues are dealt with as soon as is possible to minimise lost business.

Our Full English hosting packages are not just optimised for eCommerce websites, they are specifically optimised for Magento eCommerce websites meaning that you will have the best possible solution for your Magento store.

Here are the benefits our hosting packages will give you:


You want to ensure that your site loads quickly so that your customers have a smooth and responsive shopping experience and you maximise your chances of ranking well with search engines. Our Magento specific package will ensure your online store runs as fast as possible so that you don’t lose any frustrated visitors and the search engines won’t get bored waiting either.


As an online store owner, data security will be paramount to you. You will want to know that your site is safe from attack and that customer data and credit card transactions are fully protected. Our hosting packages all come with the added support of Sanguine Security whose eComscan technology is usually weeks ahead of detecting the latest attack sources.


Because our hosting is Magento specific and we are specialist Magento developers, you get a double whammy. This technical know-how will ensure that any problems – either relating to the store or the service – can be swiftly found and fixed.


Full English hosting packages keep pace with changes in technology so that you can be guaranteed that your hosting is as up to date as soon as possible with new developments.


Hopefully the success of your online store will help you expand and develop your business. You want to ensure that your hosting package has the capability to keep pace with this growth and can scale as you scale. Our hosting solutions have the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs, whatever they may be.

To find out more about how our hosting can help maximise your online store’s potential, get in touch for a chat.