Magento 2 PWA integration
Magento 2 PWA integration
Magento 2 PWA integration

Magento 2 PWA integration

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that applies web capabilities (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to deliver great user experience mimicking native apps. More specifically, PWA can function like a native app with an icon on mobile home screen, splash page (after opening the app), full-screen display, push notifications, and more.

PWAs provide: Fast (respond to user interactions nearly instantly), Reliable (be able to work under poor network conditions) and Engaging app-like experiences.

There are some major differences between a PWA and a native app:

  • A native app can only run on a certain operating system (iOS or Android) while PWA is powered by mobile browsers and supported on both iOS and Android.
  • You have to download the native apps from an app store; whilst PWA can be installed quickly after adding to home screen.
  • Users must access their app stores to get the latest version of the native apps but refreshing to get PWA updates.
  • Since PWA runs right in a web browser, it is easier for store owners to share and promote the PWAs than native apps. PWAs work on-demand without taking up the device’s memory like native apps

Why Should You Apply PWA In Magento 2?

Progressive Web App integration has been drawing huge attention from Magento users, especially when Magento 2 PWA Studio was released.

Below are three primary motivations to convert your website to Magento PWA:

  • Enhanced user experience on mobile devices: Getting the PWA on users’ mobile is effortless, no download required, but it’s just the door before they experience amazing functions like offline mode (access the app even when losing your Internet connectivity), background sync (postpone actions until the network connection is stable) and other app-like features.
  • Lower cost of development & maintenance compared to native apps: For native apps, you will have to develop two separate apps (one for iOS, and another for Android), which leads to doubled time and effort for app development and maintenance. On the other hand, a single codebase is needed to create a PWA that can run regardless of the operating system.
  • PWA in Magento 2 website is not simply a heated trend, it will be the future of the apps: Many Magento stores have adopted this technology and found their mobile user satisfaction significantly improved, and more to come!

Many experts believe that Progressive Web Apps will replace native apps one day. Switching to progressive web apps with Magento PWA Studio is one of the best ways you can invest in the future today. Just like with the desktop browser feature explosion, PWAs pave the road to a smarter, better mobile browsing experience.

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