Magento back-end integration
Magento back-end integration
Magento back-end integration

Magento back-end integration

Full English have experience of integrating Magento eCommerce solutions with a wealth of back-end systems. No matter which system you’re using, we are confident that our talented team of developers can get it talking to Magento.

By integrating with your chosen third party systems such as accounting, stock control, ERPs and fulfilment, you can open up an array of opportunities to run your business more efficiently and enhance your customers’ user experience.

Custom back-end integration will allow you to better manage your physical shops and warehouses, while Magento takes care of your online store.

Examples of custom Magento integrations which we have developed for clients include one for Sanderson’s Elucid, a market-leading ERP system providing front and back office capabilities to large numbers of retailers and another to enable a client’s online store to integrate with the fulfilment company, Whistl.

Getting Systems Talking to Magento
Tight integration allows both the third party platform and Magento to work seamlessly in tandem, uniting the benefits of their technology with the market-leading eCommerce platform.

For Magento and any third party to work together, there has to be reliable communication between the two systems, each being kept up to date with the relevant changes in the other.

As an example, here are some of the key data flows that our Full English Elucid extension offers:

Magento → Elucid

Data placed in Magento is sent to the 3rd party system for processing. Automatically, this allows Elucid to create new customers where necessary and assign the new orders to them, inserting them transparently with orders from traditional channels (phone, mail order).

Magento also passes details of newsletter signups and catalogue requests back to Elucid, enabling you to initiate your customer communications from a single platform.

Elucid → Magento

With changes happening in the background under Elucid’s management, it’s important that these are accurately reflected in Magento where appropriate.

Stock updates allow Magento to import changes in stock so your customers are provided with near real-time information. Order updates in Elucid (Order → Processing → Invoiced → Shipped) are pushed to Magento as well so your customers can log in and view their order history and status.

Our team can work with you on the design and development of your Magento-based store to help you integrate it fully with whatever your chosen third party system is to ensure a smooth rollout. Contact us now for a chat to get the ball rolling.