Magento extensions

Magento has become the number one ecommerce platform in the world thanks in part to extendibility.

There are over 5,000 add-on extensions available via the Magento Connect platform which can allow you to quickly and simply expand your website’s functionality. This means you can boost performance and capability for anything from improved customer service to driving sales, A/B testing, email marketing and stock control.

Sometimes, however, the functionality you need may not be available in a readymade third party extension. Perhaps you’re after a particular widget to display some specific information to your customers. Or you might need to integrate with a third party system, such as stock control or fulfilment, for which there is no current application. This is where Full English come in.

When there is no readymade extension available, our team of Magento developers can build the functionality for you – and only you – as part of a custom extension.

Examples of Magento extensions we have created for our clients include the ability to offer VAT exemptions at checkout, the addition of a ‘Click and Collect’ capability and linking stock and order status feeds to fulfilment companies.

Magento allows for a bewildering amount of functionality to be built into extensions. So, if you think of something you or your customer needs and it doesn’t already exist, there is every chance that our team of developers can build it!

We’re always happy to chat through any ideas you have about functionality you’d like to add to your website, so please give us a call or drop us a line.