The Magento platform has become the number one eCommerce platform, thanks in part to extensibility.

A large number of free and paid-for extensions are available via the Magento Connect platform, enabling you to install and activate new functions without touching any code or files on your server. Sometimes, however, the functionality you need may not be available in a ready-made third-party extension – perhaps you’re after a particular widget to display some specific information to your customers. Alternatively you might need to integrate with a third-party service, for which there is no current application.

This is where we come in.

When a third-party extension just isn’t available, we can build the functionality for you – and just you – as part of a custom extension. Magento allows for a bewildering amount of functionality to be built into extensions. So, if you think of something you or your customer needs, if it doesn’t already exist, we can probably build it!