Rarely does an existing skin or theme for Magento fit the requirements of a growing business with a strong brand.

Even though Magento allows you to alter certain aspects through the admin back-end, to really set your site apart you need your own theme.

A custom theme from Full English will allow your site to reflect your brand first and foremost, and escape the look of a generic Magento site. We use some great techniques to get your site looking its best across all modern browsers and platforms, and we can offer backwards compatibility as far as IE7 if required.

With more and more people choosing to browse and shop from hand-held devices, a site that doesn’t look good and work well in mobile browsers can end up losing business. We can tailor your custom theme to present a separate, optimised web interface for customers on the go, delivering all the content of the full site but as a seamless experience they’ll find a joy rather than a chore.

Get in touch and find out what we can do to make your site work harder for you.