Whether you’re planning a redesign or a new Magento store, Full English provides the requisite expertise to make your vision an attractive outlet.

The Magento platform offers myriad options for customising not only the look and feel, but also the behaviour of your site. We can incorporate any of the free or paid-for third party extensions available at Magento Connect to improve how your site functions. This can include simple things, such as adding widgets in the front-end presentation to enhance the customer experience, to more complex setups that allow your Magento deployment to integrate with third party systems and services. And, if you don’t see the plugin or extension you’re after, we can always create one for you.

Building on the Magento base, we use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to craft a site that looks thoroughly up to date and leverages some of the powerful recent additions to the HTML specification, such as embedded media and geolocation.

We also recognise the importance of backwards compatibility with older browsers and mobile browsers, so our responsive designs ensure that your site looks good in any modern browser, on the vast majority of devices, without sacrificing functionality or content.

Responsive eCommerce! What? Why?

responsive-screensResponsive web design represents a change in attitude towards web design for devices other than traditional computers. For too long, other devices – such as mobiles, tablets, and televisions – have been sidelined. One answer was to create dedicated micro sites for these devices but, all too often, these offer a poor version of the main site – a token effort, with the expectation that the user will then visit the site on a “real device” to view it in its full glory.

But with more people turning to mobile and tablets as their primary browsing medium, this attitude will simply mean lost business. With users expecting a genuinely swift and easy shopping experience over myriad devices, a store that doesn’t offer this can easily lose out to one that does.

The idea behind a responsive site is that it will adapt itself to work best on all common devices, of all sizes and shapes. Rather than creating a specific mobile site or TV site, the main site will use a combination of modern technologies – CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript – to present the user with a tailored interface, making their browsing and shopping experience much easier. And of course, running a single site means changes to the design have to be made in only one place, not only simplifying your site code, but ensuring users see consistent branding across all devices at all times.

Traditionally eCommerce has not fared well in responsive design. With many elements to display (such as cart and checkout links, recently viewed items, similar items, etc) mobile users have often been left to browse zoomed-in versions of the standard desktop store.

Here at Full English, we’re changing that.

By adopting a ‘mobile first’ approach, we design our eCommerce sites for mobile from the ground up. This ensures the mobile store has all the essential features and delivers a great shopping experience. The desktop/traditional version of the store then offers enhancements, designed to make use of the greater ‘screen real estate’ that’s available. There’s much more potential for multiple platforms to really shine using this approach as opposed to the alternative, when a pared-down version of a desktop site is offered for mobile, resulting in a loss of functionality and feel in the translation.

Working with us

At Full English our focus is getting your store to work for you, exactly as you want it, without compromising on style. Whether you’ve got an existing store, or are embarking on a new adventure, by working with Full English on a new store design from the ground up, we’re confident you’ll love the results. Your customers will too!