Free Website Healthcheck

Get the peace of mind you need, knowing your website is running as safely and securely as possible, with Full English’s FREE Website Healthcheck service.

When it comes to websites, especially eCommerce websites, security and safety is paramount. From the outside, your online shop might look perfectly fine. But if you know how and where to look for the cracks, you might be surprised to discover the seemingly small issues which could lead to much bigger problems.

Magento may be the most popular eCommerce platform out there, but this also means it’s the focus of the greatest number of attacks from hackers trying to get their hands on customer information and find targets for spam. That’s why keeping your store safe and secure is so vital, whether it’s on Magento or another platform.

Full English are at hand to help you do just that, by running a free healthcheck on your website to highlight any vulnerabilities that could put the safety of your shop at risk. Once we know the risks, we can help you fix them, get your site performing at its best, and put your mind at rest.

To assess your store’s security status, the Full English Website Healthcheck can scan for the following issues:

Out of Date

We’ll see if your current version of Magento is up to date. Each new version releases security fixes, so it’s important to be on the latest version available.

Cacheleak Vulnerability

Misconfigured web servers can leak cache files containing database passwords and sensitive information. We’ll make sure protection is fully activated.

Admin Safety

The default Magento admin path is /admin. This means hackers can easily find those pages and attack. We will check to see if you are yet to rename your admin location or if it’s something too recognisable and advise how to correct that.

Shoplift Security Patch

Your shop is full of data which you and your customers want to keep safe. We’ll check you’ve got the relevant patches installed to reduce the risk of hackers taking control of your shop and accessing all this information.

Protect Development Files

/dev directories are not protected by default, meaning sensitive information and passwords may be accessible to outsiders via this route. We’ll make sure these files are locked up safe and secure.

Once we’ve run a check on all these things (and more!), we’ll let you know how we can address any fixes that will help keep your shop safe, and your customers happy. Interested in a free Full English Website Heathcheck? Please get in touch.