Magento 2 is bigger, better and faster than ever before.

We can set your store up from scratch, or migrate your existing Magento site to the latest platform.

Magento’s latest release takes its features and uses to a whole new level, making your online business easier to control than ever. So if you’re looking to launch a brand new online store, we’ll put you straight on to Magento 2 to reap all its benefits. And if you’re currently on Magento 1 and want to get your shop running to its full potential, then we can help you upgrade.

New and improved

All improvements have been made with convenience in mind, both for businesses and their customers. Overall, Magento 2 is bigger, better and faster, to help enhance performance and boost conversion rates.

Issues such as scalability have been dramatically improved, with Magento 2 being stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up, to ensure it’s quicker, safer and easier to use.

And with a number of new features, Magento 2 allows for optimised marketing and analytics, alongside improved administrative options, making the whole system simpler to use, and more beneficial.

In a nutshell, here is some of what you can expect from Magento 2:

• Improved scalability
• Easier customisation
• Streamlined admin panel
• Improved security and payment methods
• New responsive themes
• Easier product set up process

Taking you from 1 to 2

For companies already using Magento 1, upgrading to the new and improved Magento 2 platform is the next logical step. But the migration from 1 to 2 is not necessarily as straightforward. Fortunately, here at Full English we are Magento specialists, and with some careful planning, we can work with you to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any downtime.

Here are some of the elements of the migration process we can cover:

Tailored to you: Before the migration, we’ll analyze your current Magento installation and provide a complete migration plan based on our recommendations for your business.

Data transfer: We can transfer everything to the new system, from store settings, customer data and order history, through to product data, reviews, and SEO URLs.

Theme implementation: Your existing design can be transferred, however, customisation has been massively improved on Magento 2, alongside out­-of-the­-box themes, so you could take this opportunity for a new look and feel.

Extension compatability: Any custom extensions that were built on the current Magento platform will need reconfiguring to become compatible with Magento 2. At Full English, we can help bring them back to life.

Publication: Once your Magento 2 store is ready, publication is an important process, so we carefully plan it with you to avoid any downtime, keeping you and your customers happy.

Adobe purchased Magento in May 2018 and have since announced that Magento 1 will only be officially supported with software security patches until June 2020. So, the time to upgrade to Magento 2 is now, get in touch with Full English today.